Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Safe - trailer song, music, soundrack
Directed by: Boaz Yakin
Cast: Jason Statham, Anson Mount, Chris Sarandon

Song for this trailer: The Outsider by A Perfect Circle

Help me if you can,
It's just that this,
Is not the way I'm wired,
So could you please,
Help me understand why,
You've given in to all these reckless dark desires, you're
Lying to yourself again,

About movie:
A former elite agent rescues a 12-year-old abducted Chinese girl, then must fight the Triads, Russian Mafia and high-level corrupt New York City politicians as well as police.


  1. It isn't the original version of this song.

  2. A Perfect Circle - The Outsider (Resident Renholder Mix) from the Resident Evil 2 soundtrack. It has been chopped up for this trailer.

  3. Uhh whats the other song thats like Annddd we stay tooo diee!!!

  4. One of the lines in this song says "everyone will have his day to die" that what you think you heard

  5. The song they play is by tool.

  6. thanks for the resident renholder remix info - just what i came here for. And no dude its a perfect circle. trust anonymous

  7. I had the same Tool/ Perfect Circle mix up when I heard it at the end of resident evil